Our Chilensis Carmenere Selección Especial wine stands out for its deep ruby ​​red color with carmine tones. On the nose, its aromas of berries stand out with hints of acid fruit such as plum, accompanied by herbaceous aromas of laurel and subtle herbaceous touches. The palate is medium intensity, with soft and sweet tannins, leaving a pleasant caramelized touch towards the end. Chilensis Carmenere stands out for being an intense and juicy wine on the palate.

Given its characteristics, this wine is ideal to accompany red meats such as beef, lamb, pork and game. In addition, it is an excellent accompaniment to meat stews, sautéed lamb chops and well-seasoned vegetable soups. It is recommended to serve at a temperature of 16 ºC.



This wine combines perfectly with…

White Meats
Red Meat
White Fish
Strong Cheeses